Introducing the future of assessing mental health

Hi Boop! Platform Concept

Experience a new era in mental health diagnostics with Hi Boop!, your clinical companion. Empowering professionals with DSM-5 & DSM-6 aligned tools for comprehensive, efficient patient assessment and care.

Our Mission

Advancing effective mental health assessments in a fraction of the time

Aligned with the latest DSM-5 and upcoming DSM-6 standards, Hi Boop! is crafted to ensure mental health professionals have the most advanced tools for assessment and early intervention.

Our dual-purpose platform serves both professionals for preliminary assessments and patients for self-evaluation, paving the way for timely and collaborative care.

Stay at the forefront of mental health diagnostics with Hi Boop!'s intuitive platform, featuring continual updates and enhancements reflecting the latest psychiatric research and DSM revisions.

“Hi Boop! represents the future of mental health diagnostics. Empowering professionals with cutting-edge, DSM-aligned assessment tools.”

- Jason Morehouse, Founder & CEO

Discover a platform designed for excellence in mental health assessment.

Empowering Clinical Excellence

Aligning with DSM-5 & DSM-6 for future-ready diagnostics

Hi Boop! revolutionizes the pathway to accurate mental health diagnostics by providing tools that are meticulously aligned with both DSM-5 and the forthcoming DSM-6 standards, ensuring your practice remains at the forefront of psychiatric care.

Our platform simplifies comprehensive assessments, allowing for early intervention and fostering a collaborative care environment. Stay updated with continuous enhancements reflecting the latest in psychiatric research and DSM revisions, all designed to complement your clinical expertise.

  • Seamless Integration. Effortlessly integrate Hi Boop! into your existing workflow, enhancing both patient engagement and diagnostic accuracy.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality. We prioritize the privacy of your patient's data, adhering to the highest standards of security and ethical practice.
  • Collaborative Care and Outcome Driven Environment. Foster a collaborative care environment with tools that encourage patient involvement, leading to better outcome based care.

Join the revolution in mental health diagnostics. Experience the Hi Boop! difference today and set a new standard in care.

Hi Boop! is not just a platform - it's a movement towards better mental health care. Join us and be a part of the change.

Discover how Hi Boop! can transform your practice. Sign up today and be at the forefront of mental health diagnostics.