We're revolutionizing access to mental health assessments

Hi Boop! provides comprehensive, science-backed mental health assessments to individuals and healthcare providers, streamlining the path to wellness while addressing the inefficiencies of overloaded care systems. Let's shorten conclusive assessments from an estimated eleven years to several months, weeks, or even days.

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A modern approach to addressing the complexities of mental health

Everyone deserves clarity and understanding of their own mental health. The first thing we can all do is create a safe environment to talk about how we're feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Hi Boop! will help individuals and providers alike by using advanced technology paired with decades of science in a new way to investigate and treat our mental health.

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Mental health assessments grounded in science, but now more accessible than ever

Standardized tests have quickly become outdated and cumbersome. They are frustrating for everyone to work with, and add to the already overwhelming and significant time it takes to get a mental health assessment.

Following the DSM-5 with advanced learning technology

Hi Boop! is built by technology experts aimed at reducing the time and friction for in accessing mental health assessments. With confidentiality at top of mind, patients can complete assessments from the comfort of home with a result of faster, outcome based care with their chosen provider.

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A simple addition to providers' current practices, in compliance with medical data standards

Our clinical portal will seamlessly integrate into providers' current practice and EHRs. We prioritize confidentiality, adhering to the highest medical data standards while constantly evolving with the latest mental health research and DSM updates.

We have to change the way
we talk about mental health,
assessment and care

Mental illnesses are treatable, and the impact they have can be reduced. Despite this, treatment is often lacking or poor quality, and many feel uncomfortable sharing their symptoms with healthcare professionals or people they know.

Living with mental illness
1 of 8 worldwide
Increase of anxiety and depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic
Average time to treatment in high income countries from onset of symptoms
11 Years
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Joining mental healthcare with outcomes

It's all too common to know someone who has received a late in life mental health diagnoses - from ADHD, to BiPolar, to Schizophrenic and everywhere on the vast spectrum. Hi Boop! is set on changing that entire landscape and making a mental health diagnoses accessible for everyone.

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